Good Guidance Everything


 Keem Wit The Dream

Ever craved to change for the best but didn’t know which lane to travel?

Those were one of my feelings that would scream in my head daily for about 10 years.

        Born into a world of hustlers and surrounded by drugs at an early age. Allowed me to participate in drug activity by the time I reached 15. Being in home raids to my own arrest thereafter graduated to arm robberies and pimping females with low self-esteem. My lifestyle was comparable to a ship that was about to sink. Every day for 10 years I was drowning in pain with depression and self-destruction. My days would consist of chasing fast money and selling drugs from AM to AM literally. By age 22 In order to stay awake I started to devour the drug myself “cocaine.” After those first sniffs I felt like someone else (the devil). Intoxicating my body with devilish drugs allowed me to very abusive to anyone whom I came in contact with. Heavily on alcohol Bacardi 151, Ever clear, lacing weed with cocaine and sniffing which caused my nose to bleed. Days were shaky waking up to last night concoctions on the side of my bed which I would consume before taking care of my hygiene. A decade passed and I wasn’t seeing growth within myself. I was prepared to change after breathing a lifestyle of hurt, anger, and most importantly not “loving myself”. It wasn’t until 2006 when I enrolled myself into a drug rehabilitation center and seen people who were in a worse situation. Since I was the dealer I never viewed myself as an addict.

That’s how life works right? DENIAL.

        RWA which stands for (Ready, Willing, and Able) was the name of the program that taught me presence, humble beginnings, and structure. After a one year completion I was ready to begin the path of growth. I started praying more, walking with the bible in my left pocket every day and becoming a fan of Psalms 140 a scripture I would read every day for 2 years straight. My idea was to make a change for self not knowing I would embark on a voyage of self-development and finding God. Changing my circle of friends made me realize I need to learn my strengths and capabilities. When you remove people from your circle you can and will better yourself. God tested me for many years. I had no idea of sales and marketing and working for someone was not an option. Today I am very enthusiastic, committed, and self-driven with countless goals and desires. I was determined to never give up and most importantly NEVER ? GOD.

Final Inspirational Words

Your body is your ship. Thoughts will always remain full of turmoil. Trials and tribulations are similar to waves. Life wouldn’t be real if you weren’t occupied of highs and lows. Always stir your ship. Be great! Never give up! Circumstances today will become better tomorrow as long as you put HARD WORK and PRAYER in motion. Where you are today it can be worse. As long as you’re still breathing you have the opportunity to grow. God is with you every step of the way.


Of My Ship


Is Overseer

When you think of 

Good Guidance think of Gains, Growth Development, Grind, 

Goal Getter 

Genuine, Good Fortune, Grateful, Generous,


Most importantly God